Thursday, June 6, 2024

Display Finish

 Today, the last of the Blue Jays cards from Oren, and some amazing ones which - spoiler - help to finish my Blue Jays auto display. I have one two framed card displays I picked up years ago from Michael's (think like Hobby Lobby in the US, just not nearly as much selection), one is for hockey autos and one for baseball - each holds 20 cards.

I don't have many autos, so I had other cards in them like SNs, non-Jays, but we get there today - though I'll have to take a picture and show another time.

Some nice 2006 Topps Jays including a couple I didn't have. I'm happy to take another 2005 Upper Deck Classics Jays card - love that set, and I can live with some Archives cards. I've said Archives is not my favourite, and much prefer Heritage between the two, but nice Jays cards are nice Jays cards, even from such sets.

DIe casts cards - very cool - while using the exact same photo on multiple cards, lazy Topps. Sure, the design at least brings something more to the front, but same photo!

So yes, these are all AMAZING! Kevin Smith was a Blue Jay in the MLB for less than 20 games, but was part of the deal to see Matt Chapman join the Jays.

The Earnie Witt, I am assuming must have been a signing on the card somewhere after release - I don't know off hand if this was in any future set as an insert, but guessing not. The Authentic Signatures is my 5th Jays signature card from that set, and I think most, if not all, have come courtesy of Oren.

The design on the holiday Springer card - very nice with the blue for the Jays. I generally like the A&G relics with the mini card in the outer shell, and the Cesar card is actually serial numbered too which is nice.

If that was all that came, it would have been a fantastic package from Oren, but there's the hockey to start with tomorrow!

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