Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Toilet Humour

 I guess it isn't surprising that these 2001 Silly CD cards boil right down to toilet humour. I mean, it's still funny, but low hanging fruit.

Rocky Martin, J-Lo, Marilyn Manson, Shania Twain and Christina Aguilera. At least we are talking quality acts here. Whether you are a fan of Livin' La Vid Loca, If You Had My Love, The Dope Show, I'm Outta Here or Beautiful, all represented here.

I was a big Shania fan. As a teen, she was definitely one that I really liked. I mean, the music was great and she was (and still is) beautiful. Wasn't every really into the 

Christina/Britney/Justin/NSync/Backstreet stuff. I'd listen to it, and knew it, but wasn't something I followed.

In university, one of the guys I lived on the same floor of talked about having interviewed Marilyn Manson not long before. I remember the discussion well, because, though I wasn't surprised by the answer, it was one of the first times I really though about presentation. He said, the Marilyn that is put forth is just a small piece of the person, just blown up to be extreme, but the man (at the time) wasn't any different from anyone else really. I always talked about wrestlers this way, that the best were ones that took a piece of themselves and blew it up to an extreme - Stone Cold Steve Austin being a perfect example, just hadn't thought about it being as widespread in the entertainment industry, but makes sense.

Still no dupes on the puzzle pieces, but a few base dupes below...

If anyone by chance is interested in dupes from this set, let me know.

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