Saturday, June 8, 2024

Display Finish Number 2

 Oren was able to help me "finish" my Jays auto display earlier in this package and today, the same with my Leafs display.

Nice to get a few wrestling cards, these from 2019 Topps Chrome. Sonya is actually a refractor card, so very nice. Wish her WWE in ring career had been better than it was, but at times, she didn't get enough screen time to show personality.

YoungGubs are always welcome because, given I don't open many packs, and many people collect them, I don't trade for them often.

Morgan SN from a set I am now trying to collect is cool too.

Wowwie Zowwie! Ellis is a beautiful signature. The Leaf legend actually passed away about a month ago.

I don't remember much of Aulie, bur as he played for Toronto in about 60 games over two years before short stints in Tampa Bay and Edmonton before exiting the NHL, it's understandable. It was also in 2011-12 with the Leads and our first was born in Sept 2010 - so little of the next year related to sports, was retained.

Lastly - the Gary Robert's card is my first stick piece card as well - woohoo! Very cool.

Amazing package from Oren as always, and hope what I sent back in return was decent enough, though I do always feel I get the better end of our trades.

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