Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Chicks

 We continue our way through the box of 2001 Silly CD cards and finally get one of the puzzle inserts completed, as well as getting a few more missing base cards.

No Doubt was probably one of the first real music bad/acts that I got into after Barenaked Ladies, who being a band out of my home town (a couple of the guys actually went to the same high school as I did, just a few years before me). I was slower to really get into music as a teen. I remember consciously recognizing the popularity in music and the interest that other peers had, and "not getting it", and staying away from it in grades 7-8, but turning that around in grade 9 with the start of high school.

I started watching MuchMusic (Canada's MTV), and specifically the weekly countdown, and it went from there. Music then became a big part of those high school years. Most of the music I really like now is from those years, with a bit into university, but essentially 1994 - 1999 for highschool and into about 2003 for the university period as well.

I kept pretty eclectic with tastes, and everything from the songs I "suffered" through listing to as a kid in the card with my mom and grandparents, through everything MuchMusic ended up having to offer from metal to rap to Electric Circus's show and dance music, to pop and alternative - I have songs I enjoy in most every genre.

A bit disappointing that the insert puzzles are just larger versions of base cards. I mean, having them be a few new ones even, would have been a much better choice.

To be honest, I enjoyed the Dixie Chicks while they were still the Dixie Chicks, and in showing that being "woke" isn't something all that new, the connotation around the word "Dixie" had the band change the name in the early 2000s to just "The Chicks".

The Chicks may also be remembered outside of music for comments made by lead singer Natalie Maines against George W. Bush regarding the Iraq invasion back in 2003, which she then had to apologize for and then rescinded the apology a few years afterwards (in 2006). Whether you agree with them or not, the impact that a popular entertainment act can have on society is there - similar to how Taylor Swift could impact something like the current US election by being vocal one way or the other. Whether that SHOULD be the case or not, is another matter, but I think it can't be overlooked that there is an impact.

As for the cards - a handful of dupes here to end (I remember the Howard Stern movie being a thing, but never did watch it). I expect more dupes will be coming sooner than later as we start to fill up the base set now.


  1. I'll need to find a copy of that Star Wars themed card at some point. I'm not a fan of this type of mean spirited parody as a general rule but that one I like.