Friday, June 21, 2024

This Doesn't Bode Well

 In for the second of the 5 packs from the 2022 WWE NXT 2.0 Panini blaster, and I will say - 15 cards in a pack is a nice number. I mean, these days you are lucky to get more than 8, so it's a nice throwback to when you would regularly get that many in the late 80s or early 90s.

If I said, the above were the new base for me, would that surprise you for just the second pack in? The below, are all dupes, again, in just my SECOND PACK.

Now, I will give Panini a hard time because they are lazy and use the same picture on the back as used on the front. I will do this all day, but I will also complain that, the logo for NXT / NXT UK could have been much smaller and given more room for the write up. Would look much better. The photo is almost pointless since it's the same as the front.

The inserts...

I really like Gigi, and not just for the red hair (which is TOTALLY natural, right?). I think she gets her character and can play it well. Will be interesting to see how she will do on the main roster, hopefully not being lost in the shuffle.

The green parallel stands out a bit more than the silver, but also no SN on it, so not sure how much they are printed and pull rates, but that's fine.

I can't believe the collation is this bad, just after two packs. Here I thought I might get over the half way mark - heck - 65 of 125 base cards if they are all unique in the packs I open, but doesn't look like it will go that way.

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