Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Magic Catch Up

 Before the next opening...maybe something wrestling...a share of some Magic cards from 401games which are from a few relatively newer-ish sets and The List 

I do enjoy my "un" sets and plenty from Unstable and Unfinity that I still need  I will say that the galaxy foil cards in Unfinity look really good in hand.

The Celestial Prism from the 30th Anniversary set is the third artifact card from the expensive set, though the three I have are all cheap.

Then, a whole bunch of cards from The List 

The List is a group of cards, rotated in and out over time, which reprints cards in their original design, just adding a Planeswalk symbol in the bottom. Left corner. Happy to add all these, though I do have the original prints as well, they are definitely different cards to me.

Besides, any chance to get another Fodder Cannon into my collection works for me 

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