Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Newer Jays From Oren

 e continue with the cards from Oren today, and keep with the baseball theme, just move to much more recent base cards.

Truth be told, I wouldn't be surprised if I unknowingly have some of these that are new to me as I have a lot of about 15,000 baseball cards lined up to go through at some point when I am ready to get into the next lot to share here, and they are mostly Topps baseball from say 2016-2022, but that doesn't mean I like these any less.

Reif-Foley and the Chrome cards are new to me, and that's not a surprise as my cards from the last 10 years are mostly just what I have been able to trade for so, plenty of holes to still fill.

We definitely see a lot more ref uniforms on cards for the Jays with the alternate jersey being used the last number of years, and what seems to be Topps having picked more cards with it being used. It was actually back in 1996 that the Jays first started using a red jersey - for Canada Day or celebrating Baseball Canada, but it wasn't until 2017 when it really became a more regular alternative uniform. That will likely be the big driver for more cards with the uniform pictured, but it is interesting flipping through the Jays binders to see the change from straight blue and whites to a smattering of red.

Regardless of the uniform colour - or non-uniform photos - Stadium Club cards still look amazing. Sure, Berrios looks a bit goody with the protective goggles ensuring the champagne doesn't get in his eyes, but the emption and celebration are real and well captured. Beautiful backs to the cards as well, save for the lack of historical stats.

I may not have finished off any Jays team sets from these ones, but definitely a few getting closer thanks to Oren!

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