Sunday, June 2, 2024

Rootintootinrobot Wrestlin'

 Before I get into a package I received from regular reader, and regular trader Oren, a quick PWE trade through TCDB with member rootintootin with some wrasslin' cards!

The Godfather - definitely the most remembered character played by Charles Wright, but wasn't his only one in WWE as he first appeared as Papa Shango and then was Kama and part of the Nation of Domination before hitting his stride with the Godfather, who for a period of time then became the Goodfather as part of Right To Censor.

By all accounts, a good guy behind the scenes, and close friend of the Undertaker, he may not have been a great technical wrestler, and never really touched the main event scene, but was a solid mid-card guy most of his run as the Godfather.

THe rest, all set helpers, and some good star power of more recent years. I miss Ember Moon as I think she had a lot of WWE potential, but she has been doing alright since departing.

Still not sure why they had to change Raquel's last name other than if they were worried about the connection to Giant Gonzalez, but many years have passed, so not sure why that connection would be a worry.

We end with a couple Panini cards which continue to frustrate me as a product, if for no other reason than, with this design, we use the same photo twice on the front and again on the back. Just lazy...

Still solid wrestling cards and a great little trade I appreciate!

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