Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dollarama hockey surprise pack

Yeah - not really a creative title, but at least you know what you are getting!

First we will go with a bonus round up of two Listia wins smushed together...

There were a couple doubles I didn't bother scanning, but a slew of 1979-80 O Pee Chee cards. None of the big names, but a couple I didn't have before here nonetheless. Really like the set in general, but the Leafs of course these a little bit more.

Another quick pick up from Dollarama, I figured why not try the hockey surprise bag for $2 - I wanted another card holder anyway, and knew I could pick that out (which I did). That's not what you are here for though, so let's see what cards came with!

Well, I was hoping for an unopened pack in case I lucked out and could add it to my luck. Instead:

Which provided:

A wide variety here - I like the Moog card best myself - even the ad decided to match the colour scheme for the card.

Which included:

I'm not a big fan of the Pinnacle card, and nothing exciting here...last one...

Well - those are good packs to pick out of these, hopefully including something from the 70s...

Boo - no such luck. Though I like the Cote card, nothing great for the collection here.

Personally, a bit of a dud for this one, but still fun to open, and still, a number of cards I don't have, so still overall positives I guess.

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