Saturday, February 11, 2017

Pack Attack - 2016-17 Tim Hortons hockey and thanking the minnow begins!

Hello, and back again with three more packs of 2016 Timmies cards...but before I get to the packs, let me show a 3 card lot of the same which I pulled off Listia. Hopefully something good out of those...

I'd say that worked out really well! Excellent to pick up James as I didn't have his card yet for the Leaf collection. Add to that I needed the other two as well, and that's a full win for sure!

Also before getting into the packs, a huge shout out to Trevor at Supporting The Minnow. We previously traded boxes (probably about 600 cards each way). It worked out so well, we figured we would do it again. Trevor was gracious enough to send his box to me first - somewhere around 800 cards....yikes!), so I have plenty to go through from it...and having to start get the cards together I will be sending back.

I want to give the package it's deserved credit so what I am going to do is go through something out of the box each day for the next while and share accordingly. With no further ado I figured today I'd share what you could consider the box topper since it was sitting right on top...

Very cool on card auto of Steve Thomas. Very cool as I like the card, and the signature is a really good one two - love it (though I am already feeling the pressure to send something back just as good or even better).

As for my packs of...

Will we get a pack as nice as the first we opened here last week? Probably not, but who knows?

Pack 1:

The more different team base cards I see, the nicer I think they look with the accenting orange colour for Philly as a prime example. Here we have a Clear Cut Phenom insert of Fabbri which is nice, though there are some other awesome cards in this subset including a McDavid. Odds of a Clear Cut insert are one every 16 packs, so chances are we won't see another, but maybe the luck is with me.

Pack 2:

The Game Day Action inserts fall one every three packs, so this is the typical insert to get, but my first from these packs. I don't mind the design, but it is nothing special.

Pack 3:

Great to still be getting all new base cards - still no duplicates, though I still don't even have 20% of the base done, so that would be the hope still - no dupes. Getting a second Game Day Action insert, I have one small complaint - couldn't they make a different "fake ticket" border design? I mean, the same section and seat information, even though you change the team logo - might as well have a different ticket.

Small complaint, and although three solid packs, nothing as good as the first that I opened a week ago. Still six more packs to go, but we will save those until a bit later...

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