Sunday, February 5, 2017

Whatcha Got? - Wrestling Shelves

First....whatcha gonna do?

I figured I might as well pick up an unopened pack of wrestling cards since it was cheap on Listia. As I say, not quite into actively collecting wrestling cards, but I could see it happening sooner than later.

As for Hogan - I figure it is only a matter of time before he is forgiven (not forgotten) regarding his issues and he is brought back into WWE (maybe around Wrestlemania this year).

I first remember watching wrestling as a young child (3-4 years old). It was just one of those things that was on in the house either my mom watching or at my grandparents, so I was introduced very early. It probably also helped that my cousin who is less than two years older than me was introduced similarly so we had each other to talk about wrestling with and watch together at the grandparents on weekends. Heck, we still get together for most of the big PPVs to watch, and I still watch Monday Night Raw regularly, and Smackdown when I can (both get interrupted a bit with children bedtime routines though these days).

With the early introduction, and the fact the Hulk Hogan was everything wrestling in the late 80s early 90s - for references I was born in 1980, my cousin in 1979 - it blew up right when we were impressionable in that 7-11 age. I had wrestling shirts (I remember the Hulk Hogan rip away T shirt that had Velcro so you could rip it off just like Hulk Hogan), posters, stretchy figures, thumb wrestlers, cards and wrestling action figures (the awesome "real" ones done by LJN). I had about 60 of these figures but got rid of them in the mid 90s on a push from my mom, and our need for space. I won't say I regret it because at the time they needed to go, but now as a collector - I wish I still had them, even if most were beaten to death with how much I played with them - colours coming off on each other, etc. Man, those were great durable toys.

Most all the wrestling related items, I got rid of a while ago - most but not all...

Here is my shelving/binder corner in the basement before I focus in on the wrestling items today...

The Bruno and Miz signatures on the wall were gifts from my brother the past few years as well as The Miz figure. Looking on top of the shelf, I never got rid of the WWE board game which I got about 15 years ago or so, and find it hard to play anymore one else wants to...and because Benoit is a big part of it.

The Swanson cards - you can see the Ultimate Warrior, but this holds the complete set - all 12 cards are one of the items I did hold on to, and given the set is extremely hard to find in full, I am glad I kept it (and in great condition).

The rivalries cards came from a box I bought a few years ago because is was on huge sale from Dave and Adams when we were on a trip to Buffalo. These are the only two sets I have - I use to have a bunch of 1985 Topps cards, but those have long gone.

Next shelf...

I did keep my wrestling magazines which run from about 1987 - 1993 I believe. They have been well loved, but I still go back to them now and then. They are interesting especially going back now with more of a knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes - seeing the early Vince Russo articles being a good example. You can also actually see my WWF membership pin which was from about 1987...does that mean I am still a member?

The Hogan figure is one my wife picked up for me early in our relationship because she knew I had gotten rid of mine from my childhood and that it would be something I'd like (and indeed I do). My kids got me the Hogan card, which was more for the presentation of it of course.

Just like my brother picking me up one of the cheapie (get at Walmart) championship belts until I get the nerve to go into getting a real one for myself.

Well, that is the small corner of my collection life that is currently wrestling related. I think over time, it will probably become more of a focus, but I am content currently collecting hockey and baseball, and have plenty to still focus on there. Maybe when the going gets tougher on those collections, I'll focus more on wrestling.


  1. I watch still.. I don't do much in the way of collecting.. I still have my Classic cards from the late 80s early 90s.. I also have a few newer cards, Topps Chrome and Heritage..

    1. I also have some of the Raw Deal card game decks..

    2. Good to know another who watches. Definitely still enjoy it. I never got into the Raw Deal card game though, given the timing.

  2. I dig the wrestling cards. I've done the Heritage set the past couple of years. What I like is that I'm able to sell off hits usually and cover most of the cost of the box. There aren't as many wrestling collectors out there, but they are die-hard!

    -kin (

    1. That's a great way to do it for set collecting. Wrestling fans are definite die-hards.

    2. I just need a little bit more to finish them off the last two. Another thing I like about Heritage is the (obvious) lack of gloss. They are great for autographs.