Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pack Attack - PressTine 15 and about 50 Leafs

Before getting to the title subject matter - we are into a BUNCH of Leaf cards from Trevor, so let's see what highlights today:

A bit of a bend in the corner of the 1978-79 Turnbull, but I like it nonetheless. Add in a bunch of 1990-91 O Pee Chee Leafs which include a few new to me - and these are excellent pick ups. My favorite would be the early Felix Potvin card - always enjoted the cat during his time in Toronto.

Wendel and Doug can do no wrong in my book - loved their tandem as Leafs. The 2002-03 O Pee Chee cards are the first such Leafs in my collection. I am not a huge fan of the brown border in hand, but they don't look too bad when scanned.

Lastly for today from Trevor...

Before this package, I didn't have any of the 1992-93 O Pee Chee I have all of them - yes, all 17 are right here above. Nice way to start and end a team set, all in one go like this.

Can't wait to see what else we get tomorrow....but anyway, mo my wife asked me to go to Dollarama - I swear she said something about picking up some cards for myself if I was going anyway. Might have just been the voice in my head, but I'm gonna say she agreed it was a good idea....shhhh....don't tell her that...

Today I'm going to share one of the things I picked up for myself...

You'll never guess what I paid for this...but at 10 cents a card, not bad, even though all you are like getting are commons and maybe one uncommon or possibly a junk rare.

So what are my expectations? I would hope to get at least one artifact for my collection, and if all works well, a rare even if it isn't anything more than a quarter rare. Actually saying that, let's play a quick game and compare what I would have to pau to get these cards individually. Since the cheapest place I know is 401games - I'll use their prices, and expect everything will end up being 15 cents, but we shall see....

Also curious to see how far a spread we get from new to old sets....

$0.25 - a good card to start with being an uncommon, and a bit surprised that it is out of Eldrich Moon which is a set from the last 6 months, so these are fairly new repacks.

$0.25 - A second uncommon in a row - not bad. Not a bad card either for getting a decent sized creature out later in the game. Gatecrash set is about two years out now - so still, not too old.

$0.15 - What I'd call a wall (that is what "defender" basically makes it) and from a bit further back given the Magic 2013 set.

$0.25 - Not bad for a common non-basic land, still newer set with Oath of the Gatewatch.

$0.15 - Dragons of Tarkir (also a newer set) and a fair flyer.

$0.50 - Well, there's the rare. Didn't figure it would show up given the couple uncommons already. So all in, the pack is a success if I can come out with an artifact now...

$0.25 - now we are going back a bit - Judgement came out in 2002 - I was still playing a bit, that's how far back this one goes.

$0.15 - Fom Battle of Zendikar, given the cost, would be much better as an instant.

$0.15 - From Return to Ravnica - definitely a brute.

$0.15 - BINGO! There's the artifact I was looking to get, and being out of Kaladesh which came out just a couple months ago, a bit surprised to see it.

$0.25 - Onslaught set from 2002...

$0.15 - From Magic 2014 set...

$0.15 - A second artifact from Kaladesh - definite been worth the pick up.

$0.15 - Another from Kaladesh

$0.15 - Last card is from Return to Ravnica

So, a rare, two uncommons and two artifacts - definite win of a pack, and cheaper than the...$2.35 I would have spent to buy them all individually, though I would probably have just got artifacts instead of these cards...

Oh well, still a good pick up!

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