Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pack Attack - 1990-91 O Pee Chee hockey

I will keep with the theme of O Pee Chee (not a surprise as Trevor at Supporting The Minnow mainly collects O Pee Chee cards) by first showing one of the items in the box, continuing the showings I started yesterday....1989-90 O Pee Chee Stickers!

All new for the collection as I did not have any (actually only had a few stickers. I was heavily into the stickers in the late 80s, early 90s, but used them in the sticker books and gave away the extras back then. I don't remember the specific sticker book for these, but obviously there were some "full"stickers and some half the size sine the above consist of both. The Future Star card is actually the back of that particular sticker card (which I probably wouldn't have known to look for to collect).

Excellent pick ups!

Also today, we have something many have probably seen if you collect hockey at all.

A while ago (a couple years) I broke a box to get most of this set - about 80%, but I haven't moved much on the set since then, and of the 80% done, a fair number have minor gum damage so could be replaced. I picked this up as a freebie thrown in on a win I had on Listia so I figured, why not open it and see if I could luck into getting some of the cards I am still missing.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way...

I have the complete insert set in great condition now. I had a gum stained version based on the box I opened, but was able to upgrade the whole set. If I hadn't done that upgrade, this would have been an excellent step up as it is clean as a whistle.

Well, this is the base card design, with a tweak for the Russian team cards which made up part of the base set - didn't need this one.

The rest of the base cards which were not new to me. I will have to review through my cards, there may be an upgrade or two here for quality, but I will have to check.

This ends up being the only card for my collection otherwise and just based on his Leafiness.

From a condition of card standpoint, this pack was perfect - no gum issues, and all were clean cards with a little curving. From a card inclusion standpoint - I was hoping to get one maybe two cards that I needed, but no luck!

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