Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pack Attack - 2016-17 Tim Hortons hockey

Before we get to the packs, a few Listia wins recently I haven't had a chance to share...

I had these, all are extra copies for the collection - but enjoy them nonetheless. I like the sleek design of the 2015-16 Upper Deck set.


A nice Kaberle autograph card however, and it is a bit hard to see, there is a bit of a bend in the top middle of the card. Really a shame, and I am not sure if it was that way, or if it was due to the poor shipping (it was photographed in the auction in a hard plastic sleeve, but then sent in only a soft sleeve unprotected otherwise), in an envelope. A shame, but I will keep it of course.

Last three pack of these to open and review from the cards I got at Christmas...

Pack 1:

Rask is the first base duplicate I've got, but more than made up for with the single Leaf Game Day Action insert card - so this pack is a good one overall....oh yeah, and that Montreal goaltender Montreal (yay Price, when he plays for Team Canada).

Pack 2:

The Franchise Force cards come up one every 24 packs, so I beat the odds there since we have opened 11. Add in another Leaf card for the Leaf collection, and this pack is also a win.

Pack 3:

Well, knocking off the McDavid base card to go with the insert of McDavid we saw last time, at least those are out of the way if I do decide to go for a full base set (or more). The Pure Gold parallels are one every 5 packs, but honestly, these are probably my least favourite insert. They remind me of some of the Ultra designs, but the gold is just too overwhelming on the card here, and so dark with the scan.

That is it for my current Tim packs (and likely any I will otherwise see. We shall see how much more I gleam off of Listia or in trades to further the set.


  1. The game day action insert is great looking

    1. I could see the set looking good in a binder - small complaint...have the faux tickets either actual seats to games at the player's home arena, or maybe set so the seats would be side by side, or something similar.