Sunday, May 19, 2024

A Bunch of McD

 Early 90s McDonalds hockey card sets were cool. I mean, the All-Star uniforms were not my favourite, but at least had a classic look, and the players were many Hall of Fame names, so hard to make a bad set. Upper Deck did them well too.

Jeff passed on a bunch of cards from a couple of the years here, and though I didn't need any base cards, happy to send them off to someone willing to pass a Bruin or two Jeff's way.

Some of the cards seem to be trying to run away already.

Now, the holograms are something I only had one of over the two years here, so definitely keeping the newbies for my collection. They are really great quality too. Sometimes I found the hologram part would slide a bit off the back. I remember this most with the smaller logos from the Upper Deck baseball sets of the time, but they can all suffer from that fate slightly, but happily none here.

I didn't bother with scanning the rest of the 1992-93 base cards, but essentially, if it isn't a Bruin or Maple Leaf, I got some copies to spare!

The holograms sure do scan in an interesting way depending on how the light catches, but they come out pretty good overall. Actually a good job for the large and up close head shots.


  1. Cool set. Lafontaine looks so young! Wasn't familiar with this set before this post, but I might need to grab a few of those holograms.

    1. The holograms are nice. I don't think I ever pulled one as a kid, but nice to get them now.