Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Big Hitters From Jeff

 Back to more of the cards bestowed upon me from local Bruins collector Jeff. I think we can safely call some of these "the hits".

I really liked the Baseball Heroes insert sets from Upper Deck. They didn't have to be super flashy, they just starred, well, stars, and were tastefully done while being special enough - back when sets may have had two or three insert sets, that they felt really cool to pull.

Heck, I like that even Mark McGwire's 1987 Topps card was special enough to put in a top loader for someone. It didn't turn into a $100 card or anything, but I am still just shocked that some people sell the card for up to $5 on ebay.

Well slap me sideways - these are some pretty nice cards! By nice, I mean amazing!

I love the fact that all three autos are on card autos, and to go one better, Jonah Bride indented the heck out of the card pushing to do the signature, the pen mark is in one thick groove! I may not be a fan of the Bowman offerings in general, but the Inception cards do feel like something special. The thick cards and quality to them are fantastic.

Some will stay with me, others will try to magically turn into cards for Jeff, but either way, some dang snazzy cards that make for a fun bunch!


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    1. Not my favorite Tyler Black though. I prefer Seth Rollins who use to wrestle under that name.