Friday, May 17, 2024

Finishing With Jeff's Baseball

 Not to worry, there is plenty of hockey to go through from what I was given from local collector Jeff, but today, the rest of the odds and sods baseball cards which we will start with the keepers.

A few random base set helpers for various slow build sets, but I want to focus on the 2023 Stadium Club cards. I really like this set. I haven't seen a lot in hand as it is still very new, so not something I am out buying, but these cards are amazing. The quality of the pictures, the typical full picture fronts from Stadium Club, and both being needs for me - love them. I mean an A&G back mini is great also, but I mean, the Chapman and the perfect capture of the mid bath pose, wow.

A few random inserts that are new to me and great additions to the collection - especially another Topps Gold card is great, but not to worry, plenty of traders too...

Given the time range of most the cards, the Carlton's stand out a bit, but I should be able to find a home for them. As for the Star cards - minor league is not my thing, and the quality of Star is "ok", but it's like 7th Inning Sketch hockey cards, some look like they were too cheaply done.

I don't think I will be building 2023 Stadium Club as I don't expect to go out and find enough of it to make it worth while, but one complaint - foil parallels as I almost missed the red foil parallel Williams. I get it, it is different, but it's not like a border parallel than will stand out with the same treatment, it's just the foil.

At least I caught it before mis-entering it.


  1. But which border and dot variations are those 90 Donruss cards?! Just kidding

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  3. Soo close to finishing 2023 Topps stadium club. I don't mind the foil parallels, but they're too easy to pull and don't feel as special.