Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Teaming Up

 Today's trade share is with member sspeegle who does a great job of sending needed Blue Jays cards, mostly from the 80s.

A great start with all 2 of the 1984 Donruss Action All-Star oversized cards. Love going from zero to done, and when we include a Stieb card in it, doesn't get much better than that!

Thornton is another team base set completing card as it is the 8th and last 1985 Fleer Update base Jays cards I needed.

We also then continue the completing theme with getting both 1986 Fleer League Leaders Blue Jays cards (with another Stieb).

Those are followed by the 2 Jays cards from the 44 card set of 1986 Fleer Limited Edition. I prefer Stieb and Moseby over Alexander and Garcia personally.

The remaining Jays - no other completed team sets, but nice in getting my first 1998 Ultra Gold medallion parallel, and if the Kruk is confusing you - there is a Jay on the flip side - Olerud.

A very successful PWE for completing a few team sets which is amazing.

Let's check out a second small PWE trade today - this one from RParsons17 with some more baseball cards...

If you are wondering - the Sosa is an uncorrected error card, otherwise, we got some nice Jays additions again.

The bunch of 2000 Ultra cards leaves me just one short of the team set, and that one is Chris Woodward if you are interested.

The last couple cards are my second and third Jays cards from 2001 Topps Chrome. Just goes to show how many Jays cards I don't have that are fairly "basic" as it were since there are 29 Jays cards in the base set. A base set that's 23 or so years old, and I still just now have three.

Still three more than I would have had if I didn't come across TCDB!

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