Friday, May 10, 2024

Definite Trade Fodder

 Best place to start with the loose cards that Jeff was kind enough to bestow upon me would be the football and basketball cards which definitely will be traded with the goal of getting some Bruins for him.

A bit of an odd smattering of cards, but there is one MJ and what seems to be a pack worth maybe of some Topps cards.

A few shiny inserts and, that's it for the basketball. There is a bit more football...

I can happily appreciate 80s Topps cards, even if it's football as this design is solid and would work for any sport.

A smattering of 1990 Pro Set as well with some stars and...

Apparently a bunch of chargers. Not a team I would care about, but hopefully someone out there does!

We do get a few hits in the football area, so hopefully I can turn those into something nicely Bruinistic for Jeff.

A few newer (a relative term) cards to end. Some nice designs, and some stars and hopefully some cards I can move for Jeff. Tomorrow though, into the sports I personally care a little bit more for with some baseball.

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