Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Random Hockey From Jeff

 Back with some additional hockey cards that were provided by local collector Jeff. I have a few days more after this for sharing, most of which is trade fodder, but a few gems to keep, so let's take a look.

The C55 set is interesting, but not one I am collecting - nice reprint job from the early 2000s. The ProCards are classic 1989-90 cards which stand out for their ability to be as quality then as doing cards at home now would be.

Checklists hold a special place with me -I love them and think they should be part of any base set or their own insert set.

My first Crease Patrol insert set card from Leaf which is nice, and I actually needed the Yzerman Parkhurst card as well.

The Hockeykings card bottom right is an interesting one. It's an advertising card which was likely sent with a package bought from them, possibly through ebay. An interesting made card which takes design heavily from 1990-91 Score with some adjustments. A neat card.

We finish with some 1996-97 Donruss cards, with my only Leaf pull from the day, but I do also need the 1990-91 Score Canadian Walz card for that set build, so a solid few cards today and hopefully some trade fodder for some Bruins!

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