Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Jeff With Some Newer Cards Too

 These aren' the only newer cards from local collector Jeff, but these are the Upper Deck flagship ones...or most of them I think.

Happy to get a Leaf card, a few insert/parallels and an uncorrected error card. Have to talk about that Stutzle design. the PC's "Sparkle" design, the cards are every 17 packs, but that scan does show the - interesting design. It looks better in hand, but definitely a busy design.

I haven't bothered adding these newer flagship sets to me "to do" list and not sure I will, so a nice bunch here to trade away below...

I will say that the photography is great and design small to not take away from the photos, keeping it a pretty set.

Though not a big fan of the "extended" sets and how the Update Series seems to be done as a tack on to the series one and two releases. Rather it just be a completely different set, but that's just my two cents.

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