Thursday, May 9, 2024

Jeff Strikes Again

 Frequent readers here probably know that there is a reader who is local to the area and I meet up with him a time or two a year and give him any Boston Bruins or Tony Gwynn cards I come across, and he graciously passes along cards as he pares down his collection. Well, our Christmas get together didn't happen until a little later, but that's fine, and man, he dropped another bunch of cards - some which are great to keep, and some to see if I can turn them into cards for Jeff!

There are a bunch of loose cards which will take a bunch of days to go through, but let's go through the set related stuff he sent my way.

We start with 1999 Topps baseball complete boxed and wrapped set. Not a set I was working on collecting, but not going to say no when a set so nicely comes across my collection. I find history has made the two men on the box thought of very differently now - Roger with the steroids shadow and Nolan who remains a G.O.A.T.

A crazy start and wasn't expecting such a set to come out of the two bags that Jeff handed me, but that is our start!

Now this is very cool, but not for me to keep. Sealed complete 1990 Topps football set - nice. May not be my thing, but I might look to trade for something for Jeff or may just go the route of liquidating it and maybe using the funds for something cool for Jeff - we shall see. One of those things that may be easier to sell locally and use the funds from instead of trade and having to ship to someone, but I'm open to it still.

Another keeper as I was very slowly working on building this baseball set, and by very slowly, I mean I had about 10 cards that I happened to keep which I can now trade because this one is done. May be closed and never opened, but it does mean I have another Eric Lindros baseball card!

This is a bit of a tough one. I have a complete 1988 Donruss base set, but don't have all of the Diamond Kings and Blue Jays in all the variations as well as some error cards so in the interest of nostalgia and fun share, I may just work through opening this bad boy box. Remember when a box of cards was like this - 24 packs with 36 cards each? That's 864 cards - I mean you could complete a 660 card base set with a single box unless collation sucks (which is very likely the case here).

Nowadays, just for card count, you would need 4-5 boxes of say O Pee Chee hockey to even get enough cards to possibly complete a base set.

That's just the "boxed" stuff as there are two binders, two boxes, and a small pile of lose other cards to go through....except the binders as those are an easy share. It's a complete set of 1988 Topps and 1988 Score baseball, so I will be keeping those and moving my partial builds to traders. Have seen plenty from those sets so won't go through them here other than to say, amazing Jeff, and big thanks all around!

As for the boxes and loose cards - we will go through those in the next few days.

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