Friday, May 24, 2024

Metal and Shine

 More cards from local collector Jeff and the nice lot of cards he gifted so I can keep what I collect and look to flip what I can and bring in some Bruins for him, and today, a bunch of shiny / metallic cards, and here are my keepers...

The Rink Collection parallel cards from Pinnacle are - different. They definitely stand out compared to the regular base cards, so no way to really miss them, which I can appreciate.

The card I chuckled at though is Claude. Not my favourite Studio set, but it is my first Press Proof parallel from the set, and of course the guy I always think of taking a certain cheap shot in a game against the Red Wings and then, if I recall, not standing up for the retribution that came after (and was well deserved).

It also makes me think of the game now and how those types of incidents just aren't even really fathomable in the game, for better or worse.

The traders for those interested...

Still not a fan of the late 90s Topps Gold sets. They are shiny and have a high end front look (not so much the back in my opinion), but hard to tell the parallels from the base for me by looking at them.

As I say, happy to trade for any Bruins cards for Jeff - I don't bother having them on my wants list on TCDB, but not picky and happy for anything I can send Jeff's way.

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