Monday, May 20, 2024

More McDs

 Not going to complain about having even more McDonalds cards to show from Jeff as we move on a few years and other than a couple stray cards, we have a bunch of cards from the 2002-03 year.

I only have about half of the set, so was happy to see a bunch of cards from this one. In short, I get over 75% now of the 42 card set. THe design isn't one of my favourites, but they are still pretty nice. A bit too shiny maybe on the front where an action shot in full may have done a bit better, but all good.

I did think that I had the full insert set for the Salt Lake Gold cards as per below, but in fact - only had 7 of the 10 cards and picked up a couple more!

Nice Leaf additional copy pick up with CuJo, but a nice bunch of cards to have duplicates for in order to trade. Still have a bunch of other hockey cards from Jeff to go through, but already so thankful for his generosity!

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