Thursday, May 23, 2024

Club Joining

 Back with some more cards from what Jeff Scott happily provided, and we have a whole bunch of Player's Club parallels from Collector's Choice.

Douggie is the big win for be in the bunch, just the one Leaf card, but a whole bunch of cards for keeps, and those are here, but there is a bunch of trade fodder on TCDB too.

Almost all of the 1995-96 Player's Club cards I have, are from Jeff, and I am at 184 in the 396 card set. Never thought on a large parallel set, I'd have many getting that "complete", but there's a few now between a couple from lot pick ups, and this one from Jeff.

Now, to be fair, back in the 90s, the whole parallel things was still being worked on before the explosion in parallels we have come to know and love. I don't know if there would have been 100 parallels much earlier if they realized a change in border colour alone and not plastering words over the card, was necessary.

In most cases, the stamping isn't in the way, might take away a bit from the card, but in some, it just doesn't look great. Electric Ice I find was generally a bit better on keeping a good looking card compared to these.

Overall - a definitely awesome bunch of cards I wasn't expecting to get, and getting me close to adding the rest of the set to the want list!

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