Saturday, May 4, 2024

May The Fourth Be With You

 I had a co-worker who would always make that joke, every year, for about 20 years, without fail. It would have been annoying but it's still a funny one to me. I am sure every Star Wars fan has used it at least once or twice.

If I had a box of Star Wars cards to open, I'd definitely start that today, but no such luck. Instead, I have this...

I actually have three of these boxes as I do enjoy Artifact sets, and I figured with a 100 card pure base set, I should be able to get half way there with the three boxes and then work on completing the set.

There are 7 packs in a box and 5 cards per pack. I hate how little you get these days, I mean, come on. Why can't it be like MVP with 10-12 cards a pack and just as many packs in a box. At least I picked these up for about $12 each, so only getting about 35 cards a box isn't AS painful.

I am pulling one of the packs aside for the unopened pack collection (that is pack number 296 unopened for hockey), so nice score there if nothing else. TOmorrow...we set forth on opening the packs...maybe 2 a day. Sounds like a habit....a cardboard habit...

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