Sunday, May 5, 2024

A Leafy Start and End

I have kept quiet as far as the series between the Leafs and Boston is concerned, hoping it would quietly go the way I wanted instead of the way expected. Well, the way expected won spectacularly.....again....enough said.

With the typical small number of cards in a pack of newer cards, I figure we can do a couple packs a day so there's a little something to look at. Having none of the base cards, should be a decent go with this box since I will probably need everything.

Pack 1:

A great start with Leaf content right away. Doesn't get much better than the captain. I have to say, Tavares has really had a great run with Toronto and has fit so well to lead the team. As much as I really like Auston, I think the "A" as opposed to the "C" had been a better fit for him. I can see him being captain in the future, but hopefully a little less pressure with the "A" for the Leafs has helped.

Dead centre we have what I would have called a copper parallel, but essentially we are going with "Rose Gold". Not sure why, but I guess that's the name of the game - pick a colour and make it a parallel.

Pack 2:

The Rose Gold parallels fall one every 2/8 packs, and I have a feeling I'm going to see more than that as we go. Nice to get a rookie card in it I guess. A good start to the box overall.

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