Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Like A Pack

 A nice PWE trade with TCDB member TheFOreverMan who sent me some wrestling cards - essentially a pack worth!

Sure, the insert isn't from the same set, but all good. I actually have 2/3 of the Corey Says insert set which is from 2019 Topps WWE Smackdown Live. A shame Corey hasn't had a chance to get in the ring a last time to get a last chance on his exit his way due to the health issues, but looks like Big E is suffering the same unfortunate fate. Luckily both seem to have taken it in stride and with a good attitude, though I am sure it isn't the way they wanted their respective careers to end.

As for the base cards, a bunch of 221 Topps WWE cards, however with a 200 card base set, getting up to 64 now, is just a bit into it. Still, getting the tribal chief is a good pick up as well as personal face The Miz.

Always up for a great wrestling card trade!

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