Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Let's Begin!

 So here is the deal - I have a bunch of unopened cards items to show and share, and I like to see which products provide the best personal results. I came up with a scoring system which should work for me, and that I won't need to modify, which is as follows...

I'll take the total points and figure a score per card since just points would not be fair as some items may only have 10-20 cards, while others will have hundreds.

I will still be trading on TCDB, so will sprinkle those in as they come up, but without further ado, let's open something today and score it accordingly!

First opening which I will do in full today, is a Walmart pick up from a couple years ago I believe...

Getting packs was hard, and I felt I was overpaying at about $7 for two packs of cards, but I knew I didn't have the hidden one, so I would be adding an unopened pack to my collection if nothing else.

The good is, 2018 Topps flagship is a set I am slowly collecting as well, so this one should score pretty well. The unopened pack nets 18 points, and as for the 2018 Topps pack...

No Jays cards, but these were all of the keepers, so another 24 points there.

One dupe in Norris, with the ad card which I am going to count as an "insert" since it is card enough and not pamphlet or otherwise. Posey was a solid pull for a rainbow foil which are every 10 packs for another 10 points.

Let me pull out my trusty calculator and see we have....56 points over 17 cards for a score of....3.294 per card. Well, that's how I am going to work it and it means for small buys like this, a small "win" will bode well, for blasters, it will take something decent to score as well - or me needing most of the base cards in such a box, which a full box will need something special depending on collation or dupes in base cards otherwise bringing those scores down, which all works into how I do feel about the different products, and when I feel I have done well

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  1. Soo curious what is inside your A&G pack, but you're probably better off keeping it sealed. Nice pickup with the Posey foil though!