Sunday, May 26, 2024

Decked By Jeff

 No - may not be decked by some amazing hit, but decked out with some solid Upper Deck set helpers....and traders too.

All of the above are 1993-94 Upper Deck base set card helpers - a fantastic bunch that knock a good 30 or so cards off the needs list. Wasn't just early 90s Upper Deck base cards though, a few keeper inserts too...

Instead of calling it Platinum Players Club, they should have just called it Chrome...or maybe Metal. Personal preference there, but I get it, I guess Platinum works. I will say the Scoring Predictor inserts look more like something I'd expect to see out of a Parkhurst set at the time given the green border work.

Plenty to trade from Jeff today as well...

Some 1994-95 Upper Deck if anyone is interested.

Some Collector's Choice stars too. I swear, Jeff had about 10 of those Greztky cards and now, I'm just trying to turn them into Bruins.

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