Saturday, May 11, 2024

Where There's Some Wills...

 I am going to hazard a guess that at some point local collector Jeff was enough of a Will Clark fan that he purposely kept some of is cards.

I will say, there are a few base card keepers for set builds and inserts to keep, but not all the dupes if nothing else.

I will always picture Will as a Giants player. He spent 5 years in Texas and a couple with Baltimore, but always a Giant to me.

He did get one All Star appearance with the Rangers, but the rest of his nods were as a Giant earlier in his career. Not to say he wasn't good in Texas or Baltimore, but the top end quality play of a star really lasted in his San Fran days and though a reliable hand once out of the city, he wasn't the same calibre player.

His average stayed strong through his career, but the power was reduced after leaving San Fran.

His only World Series appearance was in 1989 when Oakland beat San Fran - and that was as close as he got to a ring unfortunately.

Definitely a solid player, but he didn't last more than his initial year on the HOF ballot getting 4.4% of the votes and thus falling off the ballot.

I don't disagree with that - there isn't a hall for really good players, it is the best of the best and Will was really good, but not quite there.


  1. Kinda surprising his power fell off. Candlestick wasn't easy for home runs with that notorious wind. Once was gifted a Clark jersey so he's kinda been a guy I collect after that. Cool cards!

    1. Agreed on Candlestick, and cool jersey to have.

  2. Hated Will The Thrill when I was a kid for how he destroyed my Cubs in the 1989 playoffs. But time heals all wounds and I begrudgingly respect him nowadays haha.