Monday, May 27, 2024

Jeff Travels Through The Pacific

 Another bunch of hockey cards from local collector Jeff, and we have a number of Pacific brand sets represented, with a few nice keepers in as well, so let's start with those.

1998-99 Pacific Dynagon Ice is a set I've slowly been building, so a couple keepers there and a card that is close enough with the foil stamp misalignment, that I'll keep it. It may just be a shift, but it's enough given the excuse for a Joe Sakic card to the collection.

We get to see some red with red parallels and an insert too...

Much prefer a border that is different colours for a parallel than a foil colour change, but it is what it is. The Jarome would be a fantastic insert if they did something MEM like with the net space.

If you are interested in Pacific and have any needs, see if anything below tickles your fancy...

It is almost getting to the point that I am feeling a bit forced to collect the flagship 2002-03 Pacific set given the amount I have had come across my plate....not there quite yet though.

We end with Crown Royale which was very much about the die cut base cards, here Cup related. Not a bad design, but not one I see a lot of and don't have desire to collect, so up for grabs courtesy of Jeff.

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