Saturday, May 18, 2024

Not Purposeful Set Help

 So a few hockey sets represented from Jeff's bunch of cards he provided me today and I don't think he was planning on helping me build these sets, but he was able to help with a few cards I needed on each. Here is what I am talking about being my keepers...

2003-04 Toronto Star set from In The Game, I am getting closer to finishing, and get a few more needs knocked off here, with the same being true for 2005-06 Upper Deck Victory which is now at 173 of 200 done.

The nice thing is - as much as these help with the set build, there were a few new to me inserts as well.

It's Victory, so nothing too snazzy for inserts, and not the 100 different insert sets or parallels, but still nice to get a few of the cards here from Jeff.

Plenty to trade in the bunch...

Unfortunately, the few 2023 Timmies Legends cards were not new for me, so no help there, but no worries, will find a good home for them!

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