Saturday, March 11, 2017

Finally some 2017 Topps, as well as some nice Jays parallels

I'm never one to jump on new cards as soon as they come out, same was true with 2017 Topps. It so happened that I was able to get a couple in a recent trade as well as a number of other really nice Jays cards. I was able to make this trade with bwvjones at

Here they are! Happy to get these, and personally prefer the design to the smoky design of the year past. I also will say, the colour coding of the back to match the team, is great. Overall, like the set design and base cards - and look forward to getting more of the Jays.

Here is my first Opening Day version of the bat flip card.

Always enjoyed the gold serial numbered parallels and here are a couple really good ones. I especially like the Heart of the Order card, so being serial numbered is even better!

Paul Molitor gold rush parallel is not as nice as I think it could have been. I like the card, but because the foil makes it so dark, I think the original actually looks a bit better. I enjoy the out of the ordinary cards, which gives an extra mark or two to the Gose card doe being a batting practice card.

Definitely a great trade, and appreciate all of the cards - hope your day is as productive!

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