Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trading with Clmdesign - Part 2!

Yesterday we covered all the non-Jays - all Jays!

We start in the early 80s, with cards I needed. Buck Martinez always had a good 'stache.

Glad to get some early 80s Fleer cards. Topps seems to be fairly easy to find and trade for, but Fleer - not so much.

The first chunk of baseball cards I ever had were 1984 O Pee Chee - so the Topps cards are a nice reminder. Those cards are long gone, but were the first that really drew me to collecting.

Again with Fleer cards - love the stickers too! Will say that Dennis Lamp does make a good challenger to Buck for mustaches.

Probably my most favourite card of the entire box is the Milk Bone Paul Molitor card. Any time I can get an oddball Jays card like this is a great day.

So many thanks to Clmdesign for a great trade package all around - very fun to go through.

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