Sunday, March 26, 2017

There is a reason I don't do this often...

I don't normally spend this much on a single box of sports cards. Actually, if I spend this much, I'd rather get say - a Santa Lot, but today, I picked up this...

I really like the base set, and was thinking of picking up a blaster to move along the base set completion, but then thought - why not? Why not get myself a little something for this busy season?

Once I opened it, I had t decide - which pack do I put aside for my unopened pack collection? Ideally I would pick the pack that had the (now expired) Rookie Redemption card. Well, I set this aside...

Hopefully it was a good pick...more on that at the end....but let's see what I did get...

Pack 1:

There is basically a hit of some kind in each pack, here it is a Ruby parallel Spezza. As I say, I am trying to complete the base set, and before this box I had 52 cards of the 100 true base cards - ideally I can get to at least 2/3rds and get some decent hits, this can be a success.

Pack 2:

The goalie cards are serial numbered and part of the base set - and also then have the different colouring.

Pack 3:

Darn - there is the redemption card unfortunately. Well, here's to hoping it is just a serial numbered card maybe in that unopened pack...

Pack 4:

There is big hit number one (to me). A nice dual jersey card, even if both swatches are plain white, it suits the team.

Pack 5:

A ruby parallel rookie card, but also - talk about a Montreal hot pack!

Pack 6:

What will likely be the lowest numbered parallel card to come out the box - the Ranford is a very nice card. Also the number 85 of 85 is pretty nice too. Nice to get a new Leaf card here as well.

Pack 7:

Here is a "normal" rookie base card compared to the ruby rookie parallel we saw before.

Pack 8:

Here we have the auto insert of the box. Dillon is a decent enough player - too bad it wasn't a Leaf, but I couldn't expect a Leaf hot box...

Given the "on average odds" the last two packs should both have something memorabilia to them so - good news is I have a hot pack - bad news is, I am not opening it any time soon.

Pack 9 - Last pack:

Well - we end on a great note with a dual artifact Leaf card with Bolland.

Overall - probably wouldn't pay $70 for a box like this again. I'd rather spend $70 on Leaf or Jays cards I really want for my collection. Still, fun to open, and share/post, but with just getting to 66 of 100 base as well - still a while to go on the base completion as well.

Anyone able to help on this set with me, just send me a note, would love to get more of this base out of the way.

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