Friday, March 10, 2017

Moving ahead on 2007-08 SP Authentic

Not sure why I bothered picking this up off of Listia...

I didn't need any of the cards, so other than having a Ward card, didn't do anything for me. I know it was cheap, but still not sure why I bothered....oh well....

SP Authentic is another one of those sets that decided to make a fair chunk of the base set serial numbered cards. Of a 250 card base set, only 100 are true "base" cards, the rest are 1999 and 9999 serial numbered cards...ridiculous....*sigh*

The good of today is that there are a few cards added out of the hundred and we keep moving closer to the 100 card completion...


Obviously nice to pick up the Sundin in these three new ones.

The rest

The other keepers are nothing spectacular, but nice 2008-09 O Pee Chee pick ups.


This goes to show how many more of these came in the 20, and were unfortunately, already in the collection. Would have been happier with a Leaf dupe or two, but can't win them all!

Through 6920 cards:
Specific Accomplishments:
- Complete 2003-04 SP Authentic Basketball (90 card pure base)
- 3 Complete 2007-08 UD McDonald's Hockey Checklist Subsets (6 cards)
- 1973-74 O-Pee-Chee Hockey #30 Bobby Orr (All-Star)
- 2004-05 Upper Deck Legends Classics Platinum #64 Marcel Dionne Platinum 06/10
- 2007-08 Topps 1957-58 Variations Basketball  #112 Kevin Durant (Rookie)
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers Other
Toronto 112 12
Inserts / Var Kept 235 29
Error 15 2
Keep 1468 211
Doubles/Sell 936 131 1179 2023 254 27
Doubles Inserts / Var 86 1 93 106


  1. Odd thing to pick up.. Though, I can use four of them lol

  2. Too bad - I would have put them in too, but just sent the box of cards off to you today. I gather you will see it Monday/Tuesday next week.