Saturday, March 18, 2017

Trading with Clmdesign

So a week or so ago, I completed a box for box trade with Clmdesign. All in, it was about 700 cards I believe. The biggest chunk of the cards I received were parts of two sets that I may not work on completing - 1987 Topps and 1988 score.

Here are the Jays and error cards out of the bunch. As for the rest - I think we have all seen enough of these sets - and I am going to be lazy and not scan the rest of the cards, though all good and updated at the of moving forward on set completion...

These bring me another 1% closer to completing the 1990 Donruss set - now just over 91% done. It, and the next set, are ones I should specifically focus on just wrapping up...

1989 Topps needs filled as well. Excellent! Now down to just 18 cards remaining on the set...

What else non-Jays was included in the box...

These are 1988 Score Young Superstar cards. I like the gloss on these cards, and before this I only had one Jay card. It is a 40 card set, so I don't expect to go out of my way completing the set which I believe, you could have mailed in to get back in the day.

Last non-Jays cards in the box which I still love for being inserts...

I miss Kirby. A shame he passed away so young. I really like how well the Chipper Topps insert scans - such a nice blazing blue.

Well the rest were Jays , and we will save those until tomorrow....but hang on! There were some hockey cards too!

Error cards. It is for this reason that, once I get a few more sets completely out of the way, I will work on completing 1990 Pro Set. Probably one of my favourite hockey sets ever, in large part because of all the error cards.

A small hodgepodge of cards, all new to me. I dislike how the Donruss 1993-94 scan, but in hand don't mind the corner foil - though it would be better a bit smaller.

Lastly, some inserts. I generally like the Biography of a Season insert sets, they do a decent job of highlighting moments of interest through the season.

There you have it....part one of the trade round up! More tomorrow!


  1. A nice batch of cards there.. Made a trade with him before. Might need to make up another one soon.. (I just hope I send to the right person... D'OH!)

    1. It happens, everyone makes mistakes. If you want, next time I send you cards, I can address it to someone else...

    2. No that's ok.. I thought I sent the packages to the proper people until I got a message from one saying they got the wrong cards...

      With my anxiety and panic issues, I immediately talk down about myself and dwell on the mistake... So yeah.. Fun times.. lol