Thursday, April 20, 2017

Apparently I don't have to get anything...

Getting closer to the end of April - can almost see the finish line...well into working 12 hour plus days of personal taxes to get everyone filed on time. As much as I absolutely enjoy what I do, but the exhaustion is always something to have to fight through each year. Can't believe this is the 17th busy season I've gone through....and man, that makes me feel old...

So it is nice to be able to have a nice (though short) break and do a post here, and take a look at a few cards. Unfortunately nothing new today from the Santa Lot 20, so since these are all traqders, I figured I'd look at them by way of a review of "where are we now?"

1991 Upper Deck Football

These bring the number of cards I have in the set up to 431. If we remove the last 200 cards which were part of the update set, that marks us at 86% completion on the 500 card set. Doesn't factor in that I have 5-6 copies of a number of cards, but regardless, still can be an accomplishment.

2007 Score Select Football

Not a highly populated set - only 58 cards of the 430 - so 13.5%. Gather there will be more, but likely no where near even 50% complete by time we are done with the Santa Lot.

2007 Topps Football

328 of 440 cards to date so far. A set I think we are going to compete (though maybe give or take a card as I have traded away a few in exchange for cards for my collection....).

2008 Donruss Threads

43 of the first 150 cards in the base set are missing. Cards above this in the "base set" are serial numbered rookie cards and autos, so let's ignore those and just deal with potentially getting the 150 card true base set.

2005 Upper Deck Classics Baseball

No need for more of the first 100 cards as we have completed this set - though still hope for more of the Retro Rookie cards numbered 101-130.

2007 Upper Deck Hockey

So if we cut right down to consider just Series 2 - there are 23 cards of the 200-450 cards outstanding. I think, even if I get these, I wouldn't consider it a complete set, but it would give me reason to go after the series one cards as well.

Nice to check in on the progress of some of these, even if I wasn't able to add much from today's pulls. Hopefully there will be a little something better tomorrow.

Through 7580 cards:
Specific Accomplishments:
- Complete 2003-04 SP Authentic Basketball (90 card pure base)
- Complete 2005 Upper Deck Classics (100 card pure base)
- 3 Complete 2007-08 UD McDonald's Hockey Checklist Subsets (6 cards)
- 1973-74 O-Pee-Chee Hockey #30 Bobby Orr (All-Star)
- 2004-05 Upper Deck Legends Classics Platinum #64 Marcel Dionne Platinum 06/10
- 2007-08 Topps 1957-58 Variations Basketball  #112 Kevin Durant (Rookie)
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers Other
Toronto 120 14        
Inserts / Var Kept 279 30        
Error 15 2        
Keep 1550 226        
Doubles/Sell 1065 146 1253 2213 261 27
Doubles Inserts / Var 90 1 97 191    


  1. I'm glad to be done with the stress of my taxes. I can't imagine having to worry about everyone else's

    1. That is part of what I enjoy about it - helping to take that stress away (at least to some extent) for people, so they don't have to worry about it.