Sunday, April 9, 2017

Odds and ends received

With busy season, I am not able to initiate a lot of trades, but I have had a number of people on TCDB offer which has been amazing. Today a quick little trade with CKBeber329 which is a little all over the place.

The 1986 Topps Traded set is one I am passively looking to complete. I am still about 20 cards short, but if someone offers any up to trade, I will take them.

The Cubs 1991 Fleer sticker is another passively collected for completion set, this one being a sticker insert set though. Off hand - not sure how far I am on this one - shows just how much I am passively collecting it!

As for the Jays, they are a bit more obvious for just being needed cards because they are Jays.

A small, quick trade that I would do any time as it's a quick and easy task to throw a PWE in the mail.


  1. I just mailed my end of a trade to him yesterday. I sent him a couple football cards, of which I had so few it took me a few days to even locate them.

    1. I actually already have another one on the go with him....which I think everything is in the mail on, but I would have to check...I kind of lose it a bit in April (can't wait for May)