Saturday, April 1, 2017

Whatcha Got? - Baseball Shelves

Probably a short post today, but thought I would share some more of what I have out and showing from my cards for baseball.

For reference again, here is the corner...

Yeah, a couple of the odd collectibles I have received over the years and haven't parted with. The Jays team photo in the background is from the early 90s and has a couple legit in person signatures on the front (though you can't see those here of course).

As for the couple figures, these were picked up at different times over the last 10 years - Gwynn and Lincecum. Tony Gwynn is probably my favourite baseball person of all time. What I mean by that is, excellent player, but also excellent person and personality. Lincecum I enjoyed from early in his career - great pitcher.

The other baseball card shelf has a number of my complete sets including a number of Topps Traded and Score/Donruss from the junk wax years. May not be worth much in dollars and cents, but mean more from a memories stand point to me, so I love them just the same.

What else...well, my few auto/relic cards are in the container flat on the shelf...the 2005 Upper Deck Classics set being worked on (and almost done). My favourite item on the shelf in some ways is the 2010 World's Greatest Baseball Card Chase box. I bought 10 of these from Dave & Adam's about 3 years ago for $8 each. I saved one and had a great time opening all the others which helped with the unopened ack collection. Too bad I wasn't doing this blog at the time or I'd reference them all here.

I have my baseball cards otherwise in boxes and binders, but not presented the same way at all and easily shown here. That said, maybe another post I'll go through some of the binder cards as well.


  1. It's always interesting to see people's card corners

    1. Yes, and they can give some good ideas too, I know I picked up a couple thoughts I implemented from seeing what others do.