Saturday, October 14, 2017

25 From the CNE...and six from Listia

I have my first 2017-18 Upper Deck MVP hockey cards from a Listia win...

I really like the design this year, and although I am still missing two big names with van Riemsdyk and Matthews, this takes care of the rest of the base cards from the set.

Here is another of the "almost paid a dollar" packs I picked up from the CNE.

First up we have some 1995 Topps football. This is the first I have seen of it. Design is pretty nice with good photo work, though I would have stayed away from the gold foil uised for the names - too hard to read.

Some 1992-93 O Pee Chee all of which were keepers as I don't have these (I only had a few dozen cards from the set before this). Goalies always tend to have been pics, which I think stands true in these.

Some colourful '89 Donruss in this one |(three needed of these - the top row actually).

Sorry Kent, you look a little disgusted that I scanned your card a bit off. As for Henneman, the pose and sky background - this could go for a 50s, 60s or even 70s photo if it wasn't so bright and vibrant otherwise). Both were keepers.

Las one is, 1995-96 Parkhurst International. Given the background, I much prefer the Parkhurst Emerald parallel where the background is basically the same green as the Parkhurst logo.

Not too bad a pack, nothing spectacular - no Jays or inserts, but not bad.

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