Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Quad Wars - 1992 Upper Deck Baseball - Top Right

Another day, another nine packs.  bit surprised given the three holograms yesterday, that there were none today. What I did get were these:

I don't need the first of these, but did need the second. Can't say enough how nice these insert sets were - well done and a nice highlight of early 90s sets.

The Jays from these packs show that there was some duplication within these packs themselves. At least a Shawn Green rookie isn't the worst card in the world to get two of.

The highlight of the needs from these packs is a no brainer. These are sweet cards. Not only are they nicely done, but the background focus of stadiums is excellent. I enjoy a good stadium card, so these do a good job of representing those and giving the cards a special look you can't really duplicate in a real photo.

Well, now at about 52% for the set, and still half a box to go...I think yesterday was better given the gold holograms, but let's see what's left to pull.


  1. Ah, Shawn Green. My favorite player of all time. That '92 Upper Deck was the first rookie of him I ever added to my collection!

    1. Shawn Green was a decent Jay, but with the stats and success, I more consider him a Dodger was I think his best years were there.