Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Quad Wars - 2013-14 Score Hockey - Bottom Right

Well, a decent follow up with today's nine packs, but definitely a step down from yesterday.

Similar to yesterday, ten gold border parallel cards including one hot prospect card:

Still, no Leafs which is unfortunate, but man, this would have been a good box so far for a Flames or Bruins fan.

As for other Inserts,  just the addition of one more Franchise card...

Decent enough though I was never specifically a far of Ed's. I do like the little touch of having the borders be team colours, same as with the base cards. These just make the cards overall better for team collectors. Like, for example, if 1990 Donruss baseball had been done in this manner rather than the red border for everyone, that would have been much nicer (blue for the Jays, red for the Reds, blank for the Yankees, etc).

As for the Leaf content...

Yes,  just the one card...yikes...not nearly as nice as the four yesterday, but a great photo of Ben in action.

As for a sample of base adds...

Still really like those team leader cards, but the other card I really want to point out is Kari. I presume this is coming out at the start of the game, the lighting and smoke is just so different it stands out so much compared to the regular guy skating and goalie standing cards.

So not nearly as good as yesterday's batch, but the set overall now is at about 35% complete. My guess is it'll get to about 52% after the second half of the box is done.

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