Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Quad Wars - 1992 Upper Deck Baseball - Bottom Left

Back for the third stack (and thanks for joining of course).

No holograms again, but two of these that were both new to me, so I will take that as a positive outcome.

A single error card and...

Some more Jays as per usual. No new cards here, but at least now having duplicates to have for the set as well as my Jays collection.

The highlights from the new to my set cards, well, two different groups of cards.

It's interesting looking back at these labels, and what we know now. Specifically, Roger Clemens - enhancement issues....Jose Canseco, enhancement issues- things that are sad looking back on now. The other end of things being Griffey - a great player who had a personality which drew people to the game and Rickey Henderson who was the best baserunner ever - just ask him!

Always enjoy the family ties cards as well. Best one I remember is an earlier Ripken card - might have been 88 Donruss (just a guess). Amazing how genetics and environment growing up must impact the chance to make it to the bigs given the kids of players who make it to the bigs.

Well, another day, another 10% or so down as I am at 62% complete and figure 70% may be a realistic place to end up with the set which ain't half bad.

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