Saturday, October 21, 2017

Another pile from the CNE

So, I picked this pack up from the CNE, another 24 random sports cards for $1...let's see what we get in this one...

I have seen a few of these, and they are decent, but for 1992 they remind me of a holdover design from the 80s.

A striaght run of 6 cards from the set, but again, nothing for me here.

This is the reason I picked the pack since to me, this is as good as an insert since I love the Donruss Diamond Kings cards.

A nice set to pick up 6 adds, including the McGwire (like him or not, still a good card to pick up at this price).

All of these were adds, and since I picked up another pack already that we went through with some of these, makes me think I might see more (and they may not be dupes).

Last card, is the other reason I picked up the pack. This isn't an Upper Deck Legends Classics card, but a similar vibe, so why not.

Overall, can't complain for what it is, and ended up getting some new adds, so a positive overall.

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