Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Toronto Box Day 12 - Those mid 90s colours...

In a nutshell, pre-junk wax cards had generally clean, simple designed while the junk wax era started a bit experimenting with some different colours to varying effect (think 90s Topps, 91 Fleer, 90 Donruss), then as junk wax years ended, the mid 90s on into the 00s, there was some idea to splash about as much colour as possible into some cards.

Yeah, some examples here in the new for my collection cards....guess which ones I am talking about...

No - it isn't the Score design....might be that glaring Fleer set. I don't think they could cram more colour into the background. Thankfully, this is (I think) ahead of some of the headache inducing designs that tried to hypnotize, but still.

Selling mistakes on cards, always good for an error binder add (Osbourne on the front instead of Osborne).

In case I wanted to see a non-Leaf uni Fleer card, here is Wendel after leaving Toronto. This design is much less irritating though with the slightly muted background colour.

As for the added duplicates...

I'm not sure I can think of a worse foil faux pas front that 1993'94 Donruss hockey cards. With how lage the foil stamp is, and the fact that you lose the player name, number and brand name all in the one stamp, might as well just have a picture on the front with nothing else.

Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 42 67 23
New Other 13 7
Dupes Base 143 178
Dupes Other 5 2
Total 203 254 23 480


  1. Man...the Fleer design that year...across all sports...WOOF!