Saturday, December 16, 2017

Toronto Box Day 16 - Let's See Some Basketball

About half way through the month, and frankly, I think I'm only about a third of the way through the box. I may have to bump up the number of cards I pull per day in the last week or so to get through the box this month. It's okay though, I am willing to make that sacrifice....

So some more Raptors today - actually not many different ones, but a number of cards at least....

So, anyone a huge Tabak fan?

I'm going to need to find a few people that collect basketball cards between these and the ones from the Santa Lot. I am coming to the realization that at some point, when I am through these, I will either need to do some decent trades in other's favours as far as numbers go (trade away 100 for 10 type of deal) because I need to control the amount of cards a bit better.

It is a case of, I have the room if I really wanted, but I should just generally clean up a bt and get rid of duplicates, etc. Honestly, I'd rather trade away to someone I know will want them rather than do a bulk sell on Kijiji or something (also a good way to still add to my collection nicely from a monetary point of view).

Neat to see these, but really, happy about these new adds:

The Black's Krushelnyski is awesome - any unused pop up 3D cards like this are great finds in cheap boxes. Fingers crossed there are more!

Also, 1996 Ultra shows a bit of Stadium Club love with the great full photos, though the names on the front could be a bit smaller and it wouldn't detract from the card at all.

The dupes are well viewed cards...for example, the 8th Xavier for my collection...

After scanning, I noticed the Rance card actually has a whole in it, so that one will go.

At some point I may cap the number of any single card I'll keep - but not yet!

Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 46 96 44
New Other 14 8
Dupes Base 183 242
Dupes Other 5 2
Total 248 348 44 640

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  1. Those Black's pop-up cards are pretty unique; you don't really see those around much ... at least I haven't! Ironically I literally first heard about the set today while eBay searching!