Friday, December 29, 2017

Toronto Box Day 29 - Closing in on the end

Today's dilemma19 cards are out of 1988 and working on meeting a bunch of 1988 Donruss set needs, and a few Leaf set Blue Jays as well.

These were basically all needs for the set completion which brings it all the way down to about 18 cards remaining!

Add in a few Leaf Jays...

And there is one good batch of cards, or should I say, yet another one as each of these does massive good for my set completions.

As for the Toronto Box....


I definitely have something awry on my Pinnacle cards as a couple of these I had aside, so must have mixed the languages. I plan to review these when I am done this month and correct my collection accordingly - mistakes happen. Luckily Blacks cards continue to happen with the addition of another here (which makes 4).


I do enjoy the Clancy card with the baseball/glove right on shot.

Lastly, a single trader card...

Already had one come up which I am keeping since I am still in the phase of keeping one of any card I have, though I think that will change some time in the next year or two as I will focus more on just what I collect.

Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 87 219 53
New Other 18 13
Dupes Base 344 563
Dupes Other 16 7
Total 465 802 53 1320

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