Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Toronto Box Day 20 - Almost half 'n half

Very happy today with being 20 days in and getting almost half of the 40 cards still being new to my collection.

Some more cards that fit the criteria of being O Pee Chee needs I shouldn't have as a Canadian, but also some awesome 1988 Fleer Traded Glossy cards.

Loved the 80s Topps hockey designs, not many poor ones through the decade. The of course Stadium Club which was great photography.

Add in a mid 90s Score, and that's 19 new cards for my Toronto collection.

For completelness, I present the duplicates...

Don't we all need more 1987 Topps?

Pictures right after release of a pitch usually have higher tendency for awkward photo I find, I think I remember the "effort" faces more, but this one with Jimmy Key on the 1992 McDonalds MVP card looks a bit more like disgusted effort...still, not the prettiest face.

Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 57 125 44
New Other 16 8
Dupes Base 231 311
Dupes Other 6 2
Total 310 446 44 800